Fluffernutter Day!

Posted Oct 8th, 2015

Happy National Fluffernutter Day! This classic American treat is a combination of peanut butter and marshmallow crème sandwiched inside two pieces of bread. If you’ve never had one before, today’s a great time to try it.


History of the Fluffernutter

Marshmallow crème was invented by Archibald Query in 1917. Soon after, the fluffernutter was born, but the sandwich wasn’t named until 1960. Now, it is an American favorite, especially in the New England region where it was created.


Fluffernutter Variations

How can you take this sweet sandwich to the next level? Try the classic combination with fruit like apples or bananas sliced on the inside. Make it a breakfast treat and add slices of bacon. Give it some crunch by adding pretzels or rice cereal in the middle. You can make it even sweeter by adding chocolate chips or melted chocolate on the inside. Serve at room temperature or grill it. You can get creative with this sandwich!


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