Halloween Candy with a Purpose

Halloween is always a fun time of year. Kids and adults alike get to dress up in their favorite scary or funny costume. However, now that Halloween is over, you likely have more candy than you know what to do with running around your house. If that sounds like you, we have some great ideas for fun ways to your Halloween candy a purpose.

  1. Put together some homemade trail mix to take with you on all your fun fall activities. Just combine your leftover candy with our Always Save Mini Pretzels, Always Save Party Peanuts, and Always Save Raisins in a large bowl. Once mixed together, you can separate the mix into individual baggies, and you are set for your next outing.
  2. Make some delicious candy bark! Start by grabbing a bag of our Always Save Chocolate Chips, a tub of Always Save Creamy Peanut Butter, a bag of Always Save Regular Potato Chips, and a tub of Always Save Mini Pretzels. Crush up the pretzels, potato chips, and leftover candy you would like to use. Heat the chocolate chips and peanut butter in the microwave until melted. Spread the heated mixture across a baking tray, and top with the crushed pretzels, potato chips, and candy. Allow it to cool, and break it into smaller pieces before serving.
  3. Donate your leftover candy to those who could go trick-or-treating. There are two great organizations that would love to use your candy. The first is Treats for Troops which is run by Soldier’s Angels. This program allows you to send candy to soldiers. The second is your local Ronald McDonald House or Children’s Hospital. The children there who aren’t able to go trick-or-treating and their families can enjoy a piece of ordinary with some tasty Halloween candy.

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