Hot Cocoa Floaters

Time to make your hot cocoa more fun! Add these little snowmen friends to the top of your cup for a little cocoa company.

What you need:

Always Save Hot Cocoa Mix

Milk or water to make your cocoa

Always Save Marshmallows

Always Save Pretzel Sticks

Always Save Chocolate Chips

Orange decorating icing or candy melts

To assemble:

Lay three marshmallows stacked together. Add two pretzel sticks to the bottom marshmallow to form legs. Add two pretzel sticks to the center marshmallow to form arms. Melt chocolate chips then place melted chocolate in a plastic zipper bag. Trim the edge of the non-zippered part of the bag with a tiny cut. Pipe eyes, mouth and buttons onto your snowmen. Use orange decorating icing or orange candy melts to create “carrot” nose. Place completed snowman floater on top of a freshly made cup of cocoa.

Tip: add some whipped topping on your cocoa to create a “bed” for the snowmen to lay.


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