Unique Ways to Use Muffin Mix


National Muffin Day is February 20th. We are celebrating this day with a few unique ways to our pouch of muffin mix.



Prepare the muffin mix as usual and add it to your greased waffle maker. Enjoy!


Textured Shakes

If you crumble up baked  Blueberry Muffins with Always Save vanilla ice cream and milk, you’ll create a unique shake.  Feel free to top with  Always Save whipped topping and chopped nuts.



To achieve muffin cookies, use a pouch of our Always Save muffin mix, plus 3/4 cup of Always Save Quick Cooking Oats, 1/4 Always Save Brown Sugar, 1/3 of your choice of oil, 1 tablespoon milk and two small eggs. Mix all ingredients together and drop onto a prepared baking sheet.  Bake at 375F for 10-15 minutes.


What are the ways you use our muffin mix? Share in the comments below.

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