Summer Staples

Always Save is known for its affordable pantry staples you love. We’ve compiled a list of products you should add to your next shopping list to keep your family fed all summer long.

The meat
Our Always Save Bacon and Hot Dogs might be synonymous with summer cooking. Try a BLT sandwich, with an heirloom tomato slice, crisp lettuce, and two slices of toasted bread. Or crumble bacon over a salad. Enjoy a classic hot dog with ketchup or mustard. Or take hot dogs with you on a camp trip by recreating our Summer Hash.

Condiments and Salad Dressing
Food takes even better with condiments such as mustard, ketchup, mayo, and salad dressings. Drizzle your favorite Always Save Salad over your favorite salad. From Ranch, Italian, and Thousand Island, you have plenty of options. Jazz up your fries with a combination of mayo, olive oil, and minced garlic for a tangy aioli sauce.

In the heat, it’s refreshing to sip on something other than water. Beverages such as our frozen lemonade, soda pop, and iced tea mix are all excellent options to add to your kitchen pantry. Recreate a root beer float or a half and half (lemonade and iced tea) this summer.

Plant-based eaters and thrifty shoppers both know the importance of having beans in their diet. Baked beans pair well with your favorite barbecue meats. Beans like Pinto Beans can bump up your burrito bowl, by adding pinto beans, rice with cilantro, Always Save Taco Sauce and Always Save Shredded Cheese.

Pair your favorite Always Save products with your favorite summer produce. Since fruits and veggies are at their peak during the summer, you can buy a little extra to freeze for the fall. Berries and broccoli freeze very well. Be sure to blanch your broccoli before freezing.

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