Upgrade Your BLT

August is National Sandwich Month, so we’ve decided to celebrate our favorite sandwich, the BLT! Here are 10 ways to take your BLT to the next level.


  1. Fried green tomatoes – It’s no secret that the “T” in BLT stands for tomato, but it doesn’t specify a specific kind. Try replacing your standard red tomato for a fried green tomato. You’ll love the extra crunch!
  2. Biscuit BLTs – Replace your traditional sliced bread with mini biscuits and serve your BLTs as sliders.
  3. Add avocado – Let’s be honest, avocado makes everything better.
  4. Lettuce wraps – Going low carb or keto? Skip the bread all together! Here’s how to make a BLT Lettuce Wrap: http://jackieshappyplate.com/blt-lettuce-wraps-the-best-late-summer-meal/.
  5. Put an egg on it – BELT. This rendition is nothing new, but sometimes we need a good reminder of how tasty a fried egg makes any meal.
  6. Switch up your sauces – Mayo is the traditional condiment on a BLT. Change things up by trying pesto, hummus, balsamic vinegar, aioli… the list goes on!
  7. Grill it like a cheese sandwich – Bring on the cheese, please! Grab a few slices of your favorite cheese and heat this sandwich up to gooey perfection.
  8. Spice it up – Add some hot peppers, jalapenos, or spicy mayo to kick your sandwich up a notch.
  9. Make it sweet – Candy your bacon (here’s how) and serve your BLT on French toast instead of your regular sliced bread. You can eat this tasty sandwich any time of the day (even for dessert!)
  10. Make it into a pasta – Like this recipe. Or into a pizza, tacos, as a salad… get creative and have a Happy Sandwich Month!

BLT Wrap